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Empowering Global Connections

About Us

We are a team of people that believe in empowering global connections by simplifying the shipping process. Shipping is one way in which people from all over the world connect with other people and cultures.

Our UEMSConnect community was created to help nurture this global connection by helping international students, universities and businesses connect to further international exchange. It also serves as a place to exchange stories, advice and help that will strengthen the bond between people and cultures.


eShipGlobal was founded. It’s first shipping solution, Enterprise, was created with the help of several ivy league universities to help solve their shipping needs.


Our University Express Mail Service was developed as a stand alone solution, allowing advisors, department staff and students to sign-up online and for free.

Spring 2016

Our personal shipping solution, eShipNOW, was launched to help individuals send personal items or documents, while saving them money with rate comparison and discounted shipping rates. It was also created as a tool for international students to send items and documents back home, and vice versa.

Fall 2016

The social community, UEMSConnect, was born. It started with a basic landing page and several social media accounts tied together with the use of a hashtag: #UEMSConnect.

Summer 2017

UEMSConnect 2.0 is launched! UEMSConnect now is its own social community, allowing international students, advisors and domestic students to connect, share and learn. It now has partners to help offer services geared specifically for international students.

November 2017

CollegeThink, the university-focused initiative, has been launched. UEMSConnect, the social community, is now hosted underneath this new initiative.

Upcoming - Winter 2017/2018

eShipGlobal will be launching a job search site under our CollegeThink initiative. This job search site is designed to help international students and scholars find jobs.

Our Community Managers


Saul is the head of the marketing department and is the primary person that reaches out to connect with universities, advisors and businesses

Saul Severe

Marketing Manager

Ashleigh is responsible for all the social media accounts and blog content. Everything you see posted by us probably came from her!

Ashleigh Cue

Social Media / Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Solutions

eShipGlobal provides many different services that are geared towards universities and college students.