Let’s Stay Organized

Try to keep your group posts related to the group, so no posting about your university on another university’s group.  



There are several things that we classify as spam.

Overly promoting/advertising content. We want students and advisors to show off their university through events/activities, images, general discussions, etc. Not through sales pitches on the community.

Please do not double post (post the same message twice).

Do not post one sentence with multiple postings.






Watch Your Mouth!

Please, no profanity and try to keep slang to a minimum.


Play Nice!

We want everyone to get along. So, no name calling, bullying, hate speech or antagonistic talk. We want you to be part of the community, so please don’t make us remove you from it. Be courteous, respectful and kind.


Don’t Steal

Like all social media content, the content postings are copyrighted. Without permission by the original poster, any copy & pasting of the content is illegal.


Be Searchable

We want college groups and organizations to have a presence on our community. We also want you to be found by people interested in your group, so when you create a group here are some tips/guidelines that will help you be more searchable.

  • When you create your group, put your organization name then the university acronym (or name)
    • Examples: Indian Graduate Student Association (UTD) or Chinese Student Association (UPenn)
  • Include a group description with your university’s full name